List of angels

The basic hierarchy of angels is richly described in medieval texts. The list of names of angels served in the esoteric, magical and Gnostic materials is virtually infinite. Just as the number of angels. Some divisions, and assignments can be interesting and practical to use. Angels always answer our prayers, but sometimes we need to know how to call. It is true that I met already with the method: “Angel, any of which you have just the time and you’re close to …”, but not everyone can answer that. Therefore, it is worth to know the basic major divisions and names.

Nine angelic choirs

Seraphim – angels of love, light and fire, symbolically refer to the sublime spiritual level. Corresponds to the planet Neptune. They are led by the Archangel Metatron.

Cherubim – guardians of the fixed stars, celestial recorders, the giver of knowledge. Symbolically concern the level of destination. Corresponds to the planet Uranus. They are led by the Archangel Raziel.

Thrones – bring the righteousness of God. Symbolically concern the level of difficult experiences and challenges and dangers (hereinafter also chariots or Wheels) corresponds to the planet Saturn. They are led by Archangel zaphkiel.

Reign (Domination) – regulate angelic duties by not manifested majesty of God. Symbolically concern the level of happiness, possibilities, fun and communication. Corresponds to the planet Jupiter. They are led by Archangel Zadkiel.

Virtues – miracles on earth, they bestow grace and courage. Symbolically they concern the level of emotion. Corresponds to the planet Venus. They are led by the Archangel Raphael.

Powers (authorities) – refrain efforts of the demons that want to destroy the world. Symbolically they concern the level of fighting and psycho-physical energy. Corresponds to the planet Mars. They are led by the Archangel Kamael.

Sovereignty (princes) – protect the religion. Symbolically they concern the level of individual personality and personal way of life. SUN suits them. Leads them to Haniel.

Archangels – guardians of the people and all the material things. Symbolically refer to the mental level. Corresponds to the planet Mercury. They are led by the Archangel Michael.

Angels – guardians of the people and all the material things. Symbolically they concern the level of everyday life. They correspond to the MOON. They are led by the Archangel Gabriel.

Kabbalah can be divided into 10 Sephirot – spheres, which reveal the light of the Creator. These are the channels of divine energy that shape the universe and reign in it. In each we find heavenly guardian. In the table below we find another sepheroth of prevailing in each Angel. Ranks Angels are taken from Kabbalah. We often see these names in the form of the Archangels.
Kingdom of the guard force ruling
1. Kether Haiot Metatron creative force
2. Hokmah Ophanim Rasiel omniscience
3. Binah Aralim Tsafkiel reason
4. Hesed Haschmalim Tsadkiel compassion
5. Geburah Kamael Seraphim willpower
6. Tiphareth Malachim Mikael awareness of the divine
7. Netzach Elohim Haniel power of the original, love
8. Hod Bne Elohim Rafal information Universal
9. Yesod Cherubim Gabriel strong feelings
10. Malkuth Ischim sandalphon ground forces

These names come from the Bible verses. They formed by assembling a letter of the Hebrew alphabet in a certain order. Each of them represents a comprehensive idea, concept and operating strength of the great divine name. These are the names of 72 leaders of Jacob, under which there were angels of God. The different sources we can find different spelling, depending on the language of communication. In this set they are also based Angels Sphere of Mercury – you can see the obvious similarity of names. However, they are easier to remember the pronunciation and, in a way adapted to western languages, for example. Italian, English and German.

(See: Angel Regent)
1. Vahaviah

25. Nithahiah

49. Vehooel
2. Jelajel 26. Haajoh 50. Denejel
3. Saitel 27. Jirthiel 51. Hechashjah
4. Olmiah 28. Sahjoh 52. Aamamiah
5. Mahashiah 29. Rejajel 53. Nanael
6. Lelahel 30. Evamel 54. Nithael
7. Akaiah 31. Lekabel 55. Mibahaiah
8. Kehethel 32. Veshiriah 56. Poojael
9. Hazajel 33. Jechavah 57. Nemamiah
10. Aldaiah 34. Lehachiah 58. Jejeelel
11. Laviah 35. Keveqiah 59. Herochiel
12. Hihaajah 36. Mendial 60. Mitzrael
13. Jezahel 37. Aniel 61. Vemibael
14. Mebahel 38. Chaamiah 62. Jahoel
15. Harajel 39. Rehaaiel 63. Aaneval
16. Hoqmiah 40. Jejeziel 64. Machajel
17. Laviah 41. Hehihel 65. Damabajah
18. Kelial 42. Michael 66. Menqel
19. Livojah 43. Vavaliah 67. Aajoel
20. Phehiljah 44. Jelahiah 68. Rahael
21. Nelokiel 45. Saliah 69. Jabomajah
22. Jejajiel 46. Aariel 70. Hahajel
23. Melohel 47. Asslajoh 71. Mevamajah
24. Chahaviah 48. Mihal 72. Chaboojah